erosão tipográfica

Em tipografia, tal como qualquer projecto em design, é muito importante considerar o medium através do qual um texto é veiculado, e o contexto processual a que este será submetido. As exigências de leitura são diferentes num website e num jornal, um cartão pessoal ou outdoor, e os processos de produção e restrições técnicas são […]

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Typography is the visual component of the verbal language. It manifests speech, its tone, volume and impact. It is everywhere, surrounding us, telling us what we need to know, where to go, how to do, how the story goes. It gives personality to what someone has to say. More than a channel, it translates the words into visual language, organizing it, giving visual clues to its content, making communication more effective. It should be banal, discreet in order to be read, but strong and imperative when comes to content. Sandro Lopes is a typophile, editorial and graphic designer, who believes typography is part of human life. We need words, and words need shape, voice and personality.